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Four reasons you should definitely not sign up for
The Year of Living Brilliantly

Hey, it’s MBS here.

Have you ever had that experience of staring at a screen, wondering how to write something, and not knowing how to get started? I had that very experience with this sign-up page. On the one hand, I was thinking: why am I even doing this? Signing up for this course should be irresistible, a slam dunk, a home run.

  • I’ve gathered together 52 amazing teachers. They’re wise, provocative, diverse, insightful, famous, not yet famous, soulful, funny, serious … in short, they’re some of my very favourite thinkers on the planet.
  • I’ve asked them each to shoot a short video for you, somewhere between two and six minutes. Long enough to teach something important, short enough for you to be able consume it on a weekly basis.
  • I’ve curated it all into a year-long program. Which is free. No catches. No trickiness. Just a new teacher every week showing up and sharing an important insight.
  • I’ve then added my twist on each lesson, so you’re getting taught twice: once from the teacher, and then once from me to help extract the very best of what’s there.
  • What’s more, my best guess is that there’s a community that will grow up around this, so there’s a chance to learn and engage with others.
  • And … just to say it again, it’s free.

So … why would I need ANY type of persuasive copy to get you to sign up?

Point made, point taken. I'm signing up now.

Who am I kidding?

On the other hand, you always need to make an irresistible offer. “If you build it, actually they will not come” as the Truth-In-Marketing Commission should have reminded the scriptwriters in Field of Dreams.

Because while it might not cost money, The Year of Living Brilliantly does require an investment: your attention, your commitment, and your engagement. Those are scarce and precious resources.

So only sign up for this if you’re really up for it. If, as Sherlock Holmes would say, “the game’s afoot!” 

And in fact, let me go further and give you some specific reasons why, if they apply to you, you should NOT sign up for this...

Not found your reason not to do the course? 

Perfect! (I was hoping that would be the case.)
Come join us. Jump in! The water’s fine.

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