WE ARE DELIGHTFUL PRESENTS Creating Success On Your Own Terms

Creating Success On Your Own Terms

Go from exhausted and disheartened to nourished and fulfilled.

Get the insights, practices and tools you need to shift your relationship with success today.

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Create success on your own terms so you can build a life that is sustainable, nourishing, and generative while elevating yourself and others along the way. 

Stop exhausting yourself, second-guessing yourself, listening to the definitions of others, and focus on what matters. 


Michael Bungay Stanier


Michael Bungay Stanier is the author of seven books, including The Coaching Habit (the best selling book on coaching this century).

His next book How to Work with (Almost) Anyone (arriving June 27th) shares how to build working relationships that are safe, vital, and repairable. 

Michael has started two successful companies, coached Brené Brown on her podcast, and been a Rhodes Scholar … but his deepest success is taking pleasure in doing jigsaw puzzles with his wife of thirty years.


You know that you have more to contribute. You want to shake things up and make a difference, for yourself and for the world. You want to learn and grow. You want to be a force for change. You’re ready to begin. 

Life is short. Start doing something that matters. Something thrilling, important, and daunting. Download the chapter and start doing something that matters.

How to Begin is a structured, powerful way to deeply engage in your most meaningful work. It will give you the very best chance to craft a Worthy Goal: a goal thrilling, important and daunting, a goal that’s worthy of you giving it your attention … and your life. And it will give you the very best chance at actually completing that Worthy Goal.

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Rich Litvin is the person ultra-successful people call when they are ready for their Next Big Thing.

Rich's clients include entrepreneurs, CEOs, gold-medal winning Olympic athletes, Hollywood film directors, rabbis and Special Forces operatives. Rich is the founder of 4PC – a community of the top 4% of executive and leadership coaches. 

Rich is less interested in success than what happens to talented, driven, ambitious people on the other side of success.


Imagine you knew you could create $185,000 of value from reading this book. How differently would you show up? How much more attention would you pay to my questions? How diligent would you be in taking action on what you learn?

I’ve designed this book as a coaching experience—a masterclass in becoming a Powerful Coach. At $185K, that’s about $1,000 of value per page.

Every tool and technique in this book has been tried and tested by thousands of my clients, community members and readers.

This. Stuff. Works.

I invite you to read every single page of this book as if you had already invested $185,000 in yourself, your family and your clients.

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Bob Glazer is the author of six books, including his latest Elevate Your Team (arriving March 7th).

He founded a digital marketing agency that is the leader in its space, and is renowned for its culture of empowerment: even with employees working fully remote for 14 years, it has won 25 best places to work awards

Bob writes a weekly newsletter, speaks to audiences around the world, and hosts the Elevate Podcast. Bob’s a husband and father of three children.


Every leader knows this delicate balancing act: to simultaneously generate better performance from your team, retain top talent and build your organization’s leaders of tomorrow, without inducing burnout. In the sequel to Elevate, my proven capacity building framework is applied to teams and organizations alike. The result is the playbook for a results-oriented, learning-driven culture that elevates its people to meet the company’s ever-changing growth needs.

This is the manual for a new type of leader: one who builds a business by building people, not burning them out. It’s a framework of proven, actionable strategies that will help you up your game as a leader, help your team reach their full potential, and most importantly build the new generation of leaders from within your organization.

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