Three Ways to Manage the Overwhelm of Tackling a Worthy Goal w MBS.

So you want to cross the threshold with your Worthy Goal…

Now what?

Your answer will be life-defining.

Your answer will change the world, or it won’t.

Because you have two options: 

  1. Keep on keepin’ on with the status quo, work on your Worthy Goal whenever you feel called to it, and let life and all that comes along with it (distractions, comforts, fears) take priority.
  2. Take purposeful, continual action on your Worthy Goal until you cross the finish line and bring it into the world — becoming your fullest self, and changing the world, in the process.

So whether you’re 100% certain about what your Worthy Goal is…

Or you’re still playing around with what your “thing” is going to be…

Or you land somewhere in between…

If #2 caught your attention, you’re going to want to keep reading.

You’re ready to make progress on work that matters to you and bring your Worthy Goal over the finish line…

but there are some things holding you back from going all-in on it:
  • You’re busy, there’s so much to do, and so many people need your attention. You can never seem to find time dedicated specifically to working on your Worthy Goal — life has a tendency to get in the way, doesn’t it?
  • You’re nervous and unsure of your ability to commit to seeing your Worthy Goal through to fruition — your goal-achieving endeavors have fallen .. ahem .. flat in the past.
  • OR… you’re quite the high-achiever so you don’t doubt your ability to bring your Worthy Goal to fruition, but this is bigger, bolder, and braver than anything you’ve tried before — your intuition is telling you that you can’t go at THIS ONE solo.
  • The people in your life don’t understand your Worthy Goal and why it’s so important to you, and they don’t know how to support you fully. You’re not sure who you’ll lean on when you come up against roadblocks, or who will help keep you in check on the promises you’ve made.
  • You don’t really know HOW to proceed, and the process feels pretty daunting because you don’t have any guidance.
  • And your Worthy Goal is so close to your heart that it feels like an extension of YOU, so you’re scared that you might fail (and if you’re honest, you’re just as scared that you’ll succeed because that means that people will see YOU.)


Your heart just won’t drop it. It won’t let you forget about your Worthy Goal, and what it would mean for you and the world if you were to bring it to life.

The past be damned… deep down you know you can do this.

It’s big. It’s important. It needs to happen, and you’re ready to make it a priority.

But… you’re not sure how, exactly. There are so many moving pieces.

Parham Doustdar

“I had an impossible goal for me that I thought was a good ‘test’. Plus, I’m not really a ‘community’ person, so I thought the community wouldn’t really matter. I ended up achieving the goal in half the time I thought it would take, and what helped me the most was the supportive group that I was meeting with.”

Hey, Michael here!

(erm .. you knew that already)

I’ve helped hundreds of people in your exact situation — busy, nervous, unsure, but determined — make their Worthy Goals a priority and bring them over the finish line.

And here’s what I’ve found: there are just four things every person needs in order to stay committed to their Worthy Goal and cross that finish line.

Michael Bungay Stanier - training for coaches, leaders, mentors

Hundreds of Worthy Goals,

dreamt up by wildly different people from all different backgrounds… 

From starting a non-profit, to changing careers, to writing a book, to the birth of a board game, to speaking at TEDx, to uprooting and moving across the world, to opening a brick and mortar business, and everything in between… 

No matter the “thing”, the success of bringing the Worthy Goal over the finish line usually comes down to these four things:

 Being part of a community of people who are committed to doing the same work you’re doing
 A proven structure and system that will help you move your bold ideas forward so that you make actual progress
 Being held accountable to the things you said you were going to do
✅ Having access to a collection of supportive tools and resources ready to support you through whatever comes up on the journey

Lucky for you, I’ve carved out a corner on the internet built upon these 4 pillars of success so that you can move forward on your Worthy Goal no matter where you are.

So if you’re ready to do big, bold things, welcome. You’re in the right place.

I’d like to invite you to join:

The Conspiracy -

The online community full of dreamers committed to making real progress on their work that matters.

Let’s conspire to build a better world.

Make progress (and cross the finish line) on your Worthy Goal inside The Conspiracy using our 4 Pillars Of Worthy Goal Success:


Here, you don’t travel alone — when you become a Conspirator, you become part of a community of people who are all working towards being the best versions of ourselves and working towards a Worthy Goal that will leave the world a little better than when we found it.

Now YOU get to choose how much you want to be a part of the larger community as a whole.

Here are the (optional) ways you can show up within the larger community of Conspirators:

✅ Weekly co-working sessions (so that you carve out time to move the needle on your Worthy Goal)
✅ Bi-weekly community-building events (so that you can connect with others in the community, and have a little bit of fun, too!)
✅ Monthly trainings and coaching sessions with Michael (so that you can learn from Michael and grow throughout this journey)
✅ Community discussion boards with DM and chat functions (so that you can make connections outside of our meetups)


How do you eat a whole elephant? One bite at a time. In The Conspiracy, we show you how to break your Worthy Goal down into bite-sized pieces so that you don’t get lost or overwhelmed by the size of the task ahead. You’ll make progress on pieces of your Worthy Goal in two-month Chapters; a six-week period of momentum (doing the work) followed by a two-week period of reset (celebration, reflection, and gearing up for the next Chapter.)

And then… we go again! You’ll go through 6 Chapters (momentum + reset) throughout a year, each time getting closer and closer to the finish line.


Accountability is one big thing that will help you make progress on your Worthy Goal, but the truth is that accountability looks different for everyone, and everyone needs varying levels of it to thrive… 

Which means that YOU get to choose which types of accountability you’d like to take advantage of in The Conspiracy:

 Join a 4-person accountability group, called your Chapter Group — if you join a Chapter Group, you’ll be sharing your goals and work with these folks throughout your 8-week chapter. You’ll be holding each other accountable in the ways that each of you needs on an individual level.
Declare and share your goal(s) with the community, sharing as much or as little as you’d like about your steps, progress, and process on the discussion boards
Commit to coworking sessions, and block off the space in your calendar as a promise to yourself that you’re committed to making the time to work on your Worthy Goal every week.
 Connect one-on-one with others folks in the community for 1:1 accountability and support.

OR, if you’re not into having other people hold you accountable, rest assured with the fact that simply by paying to join a community counts as accountability all on it’s own, and may just be what YOU personally need to stay on track. 


You begin your journey with a one-time, two-week, mandatory onboarding program where you receive the tools (worksheets, resources, trainings, etc) that you’ll need for making progress on your Worthy Goal.

In this onboarding program, you’ll also learn how to be a great community member (like asking for consent before giving advice, and how to say hard things), and receive the tools you’ll need to support others on their journey inside The Conspiracy. We lay this foundation to ensure that each member of our community is properly equipped to be the best community member they can be, which means that YOU, too, will receive the support that you need.

Exclusive new trainings to support you, and the community as a whole, are added every single month!

When it comes to the 4 Pillars Of Worthy Goal Success, each person requires varying levels of each in order to make progress on their Worthy Goal. That’s why YOU get to take what you want, and leave what you don’t. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all here.

Fiona Fraser

“I would recommend it to anybody who has one of these folders or a dream in their head that they’re saying once I get time to do this, I’ll do it. The Conspiracy will make you have time to do it.”

Meet Your Facilitators

MBS - The Conspiracy

Hi, I'm MBS

I’m just slightly famous enough that occasionally people say, “I’d like to be like MBS”; the subtext is often “… but I can’t be.” That’s true on one level because, like all of us, I’m my own little snowflake. But the successes I’ve had (the wins you might know about, and the failures you don’t) isn’t due simply to inherent qualities I have. Success has come because I’ve built tools, created structure, and found support.

I did my first “self help” course about thirty years ago, and since then I’ve been figuring out how to create the place where you can be ambitious for yourself and ambitious for the world. 

The Conspiracy is the culmination of my thirty years of “figuring it out” — my experience of being coached and coaching, of being in a mastermind group for 15 years, and of successfully managing the slippery resistance that I, too, feel when taking on a Worthy Goal. 

It’s the best of what I know about how to find and define a Worthy Goal, to create momentum, and to find the best people with whom to travel. I’m best known for my work around coaching, but the warp and the wheft of my life is about helping people be a force for change. I’m very proud of what The Conspiracy will help create in the world.

Ainsley - The Conspiracy

And I'm Ainsley

I’ve been gathering and shaping community for most of my life, always knowing that we weren’t meant to do this alone. My professional background is in the world of nonprofits where I spent over a decade designing and leading advocacy, community building, and learning and leadership projects.

I love bringing people together for experiences that resource them and support them in resourcing each other. Iterating The Conspiracy into a learning experience and community that nourishes our connections, our bravest ideas, and our world is MY Worthy Goal. It’s all very meta and thrilling and important and daunting. I’m grateful and excited for what The Conspiracy already is and what it can continue to become.

Let’s hear from a few Conspirators:

“There is a wonderful tension between doing my own thing by myself and being part of this larger community where I work alongside and with others doing their great things. The ability to expand and contract my energies on both sides of this ledger - organically, or as needed - is a very neat thing. This balance is affirming, energizing, and novel.”

Scott Sneddon

“My experience has been empowering, motivating, and transformative. I bonded with my group members and noticed how, between meetings, my accountability to them helped me keep focused."

Kay Leigh Hagan

"Everyone I've met is so genuine. I guess that falls under feeling "valued + safe," but I was surprised by how many people show up as their real selves here. There's no bluster, no grandstanding, no agenda-pushing. The folks here are curious. They don't just have space for others who are different from them: they want people to thrive in the directions that are best for them."

Jason Frank Ewert

"The Conspiracy is really allowing me to test my ideas and get different perspectives. We are a group of people that are part of the same journey. When other people talk about their goals, challenges, and situations, I learn about how I can apply that to my own."

Anil Prasad

"The sustained focus on one area, one Worthy Goal, one aspect of it, really helped me dig deeply and make some big discoveries and I am truly grateful for that. In the past, when I’ve come across a challenge, I’ve lost the focus."

Joellen Killion

"I love being part of an international community where accountability is expected and enjoyed. The accountability and the cultural mix of people's projects and ideas meant the ways we've influenced each other have been profound."

Steve Nicol

"The Conspiracy pushed me to revisit an old and ambitious project of mine. I got great tools like the Worthy Goal course, with lots of practical tips, and really forged new meaningful relationships that helped me move ahead."

Simone Galimberti

"For me, the most valuable part of the conspiracy is making real connections with like-minded people who are working on something that's important to them and will make a difference to the world.

I also love the opportunity to get to know different people in the conspiracy. I've made some lovely connections and had some great conversations with people who I would never have met outside the conspiracy. It's always inspiring to hear about other people's worthy goals."

Angela Hempel

The world needs your Worthy Goal, and YOU are the only person who can take it over the finish line.

Become A Member Of The Conspiracy

and commit to making progress on your Worthy Goal.

We begin on August 29th!

Here’s everything you get when you join The Conspiracy:

  • Two-week onboarding training
  • Live monthly training, Q&A, and coaching sessions with Michael 
  • Multiple, weekly live co-working sessions 
  • Multiple, monthly live community-building events 
  • The option to be placed in a four-person accountability group 
  • Community discussion boards with DM and chat functions 
  • Tools, structure, and support for every step of the way 
  • Growing library of recorded trainings exclusive to this community 
  • The chance to be coached by me, and witness me coaching your fellow Conspirators
$247 every 4 months

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Cancel any time with no fees or penalties.

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$597 every 12 months

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The Conspiracy with MBS - Monthly Trainings

Honestly the act of paying for the accountability is THE THING that is going to ensure I get this book written. Everything else, the camaraderie and the trainings that always have at least one nugget that is pure gold — those things are just gravy. (Awesomely wonderful gravy, but extra nonetheless). How fascinating!”

Jennie O’Connor

“The co-working sessions inside The Conspiracy have been a godsend to my productivity on getting important work accomplished.They allow me to have as pre-set time and commitment to others so I typically attend with a project that both needs to be completed as well as fits into the time slot. I leave most every session feeling accomplished and energized for the rest of my day.”

Mark Skillings

The Conspiracy with MBS - Accountability Small Groups

Here’s the truth: bringing your Worthy Goal to life is not going to be easy.

In fact, it’s going to be quite hard.

But everything in life is hard.

Staying in a job you hate is hard.

Playing small and hiding your brilliance is hard.

Resisting the pull to change your life is hard.

Last year, you said it would be this year. 

When you turned 40, you promised yourself it would be different by 50.

Join a community of people who are committed to NOW. NOT ‘some day’… now. This day. Today. 

Achieve your Worthy Goal alongside a group of people who are truly IN IT with you, and get all of the accountability, tools, and support you need to bring your Worth Goal over the finish line.

My friend… you can do hard things.

No one said that changing the world, or yourself, was going to be easy.

Are you ready?

Angela Hempel

“I love being able to build close connections with my group and the option to switch groups until I’ve now found the “perfect fit”. At our last meeting we were all reflecting how amazing it is to have found this group where we feel accepted and able to open up about our challenges and ambitions and where we find support and inspiration to carry on the messy work of our Worthy Goals.

I also love the community-wide events and the break out chats. It’s hard to say what I love most about them, the dedicated thinking time, the beautiful questions, or Ainsley and Michael’s insightful way of leading the sessions.”


Q: Why is it called The Conspiracy?

A: The etymology of the word conspire is to breathe together. We are a community of people working alongside each other, breathing alongside each other, even if we are far apart. We are also reclaiming the word conspiracy. Ours is a community made up of Conspirators conspiring to build a better world. In other words, The Conspiracy is a conspiracy you can be excited to be a part of.

Q: Will you be running this again? I don’t have time right now.

A: Yes — we open The Conspiracy 3 times a year in August, January, and April, so we’d love to have you join us for the next round. As an owner of the How to Begin course, you will be the first to know the next time we open our doors.
However… ask yourself: why don’t you have time right now? Fear of doing something bigger than oneself often hides behind “I’m just too busy right now.” Life is always going to be busy—YOU need to decide when you’re going to make time for your dreams, because you’ll never “have” time for them.

Q: My Worthy Goal isn’t 100% fleshed out — can I still join?

A: Yes! You’re more than welcome to enter into The Conspiracy and use your time to fine-tune your Worthy Goal. In fact, members have come in with one Worthy Goal and discovered another one that they want to focus on instead. What can I say… we’re a group of dreamers!

Q: How do I know if my Worthy Goal is… ‘worthy enough’ for The Conspiracy?

A: In How To Begin, we go through the process of determining whether or not a goal is Worthy — is it thrilling, important, and daunting? If your answer to these questions is YES, then you’re in. If there’s something in your heart that you need to share with the world, we want to support you while you figure out exactly how to do that.

Q: How much time do I need to dedicate to The Conspiracy each week?

A: You’re encouraged to spend 1-2 hours per week inside The Conspiracy — onboarding, accountability calls (“Chapter meetings”,  if you choose to join a “Chapter group”) and community discussions and events. Some people spend less and some people spend more. The amount of time you want to spend on top of that is completely up to you and will depend on the Worthy Goal you’re working towards. We’ve had Conspirators spend 1 hour a week moving towards the finish line, and others that have gone all in at 20 hours a week. 

Q: How much access to Michael do I get?

A: Michael leads a live Zoom event once per month that is part teaching, part Q&A, and part hot seat coaching. The onboarding contains a series of exclusive training videos from Michael and his language and philosophies are woven throughout the community content and design. Most of your interactions will be with other Conspirators and our Director of Community, Ainsley. 

Q: Can I cancel my membership?

A: You can cancel at any time and no further payments will be processed. You will maintain access to the community until the end of the time you have paid for (four months or twelve).

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Due to the digital nature of The Conspiracy onboarding course, you have 72 hours from the day you get access to request a refund. After that, your payment becomes non-refundable. If The Conspiracy is not for you, you can cancel anytime and you will not be charged at the next payment date.

Q: Do you offer scholarships or equity-based pricing?

A: We are committed to equity and accessibility and have a track for those who cannot access The Conspiracy unless payments are spread out or for whom cost is a barrier. You can find the the form by clicking here. If your application is successful, we will send you a custom link for processing payment.

You’re all the way at the end of the page, which tells me you’re still trying to figure out if The Conspiracy is for you or not.

Maybe this will help:

The Conspiracy is for you if…
  • You’re ready to take consistent action to achieve your goal (EVEN IF it’s the smallest action possible)
  • You crave company, accountability, and support — you don’t want to go on this journey alone
  • You’re ready to contribute to others’ projects in a meaningful way and support them as they too achieve their Worthy Goals
  • You’re ready to do some internal work and understand that you may need to shift to a higher version of yourself in order to achieve your Worthy Goal
  • You’re okay with being vulnerable, and can hold space for others as they get vulnerable, too (or are willing to learn how to hold that space)
  • You are generous, curious, proactive, enthusiastic, and accountable (or at least working on all those things!)
  • You have at least 1 hour per week to dedicate to honoring moving your project forward (at least 2h if you choose to join an accountability group) – this is KEY!
The Conspiracy isn’t for you if...
  • You think that you’ll see results just by paying the monthly fee; you don’t actually want to show up and do any work
  • You don’t have an ambitious project to take on, or an itch to find one
  • You don’t like to listen to others or contribute feedback on other people’s ideas
  • You don’t want to do any internal work or be vulnerable
  • You don’t want to change anything about the way you manage your time or set boundaries in your life
  • You don’t like people
  • You’re just too busy to commit a minimum of 1-2 hours per week to a project and a new community
  • You’re happy with the status quo and don’t want to make any changes to yourself, your life, or the world
I don’t think you would be all the way down here if you truly didn’t believe in yourself and your Worthy Goal.

So.. are you ready to take the leap, believe in yourself, and give your Worthy Goal the best chance at making it over the finish line? 

You have nothing to lose by trying… 

But you have everything to gain.