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“My favorite thing about Michael's work is his ability to deliver actionable, tactical strategies that are based on well researched ideas and data, then packaged in a book that I can read on a flight. And, the wisdom is real - it sticks.”

- Brené Brown, Author of Atlas of the Heart and Dare to Lead

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"You translate big ideas into understandable tools, which helps me a) use those tools b) give those tools c) create my own tools."

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“I reflect much more than ever before. I'm learning to see through fresher eyes.”

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Michael Bungay Stanier

Best-selling author of “The Coaching Habit” (1M+ copies sold). #1 thought leader in coaching.

 Book 'How to work with almost anyone' Book 'Do more great work' Book 'The coaching habit' Book 'How to begin' Book 'The advice trap'