The How to Begin Course

There’s something that you want to do. Or change.
But you’re not sure where to start

Or maybe you’ve gotten started,
But now you’ve stalled, or gotten stuck

Either way, that “something” isn’t going away
So the question is, what now?

You could hire a coach. 

You could search for Youtube channels or Facebook groups where people are going through something similar. 

You could rally loved ones to cheer you on or listen as you talk things through. 

Those are all great ideas. 

And there’s something else you might want to try … 

It’s called the How to Begin Course

And in it you are coached step-by-step through a proven process to get clear, committed, and taking manageable action (that sticks) towards *whatever* it is you want.

(For less than you’d pay for an hour of coaching)

We made this course for you if:

  • You’ve had something on your to-do list forever. You want some help fully committing to it, and scaling it to your full life so you don’t get overwhelmed. Or … 
  • You’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or a bit bored. You know you want something different or something more, and you want some help figuring out what that is. Or …
  • You’re in transition. There are choices to be made about where to put your time and energy next, and you want some tools to help you make those choices and feel good about them. Or …
  • You’re working on something important, but it’s stalled. You want help restarting and preparing for when life tries to stall this project again.
Michael Bungay-Stanier

Hey there 👋 My name is Michael Bungay Stanier and I’m your coach and cheerleader in the How to Begin Course.

How to Begin Course

Inside the course, you’ll find a process that thousands of people have used to change their own lives.  That process is broken down into a series of accessible exercises that I coach you through in short videos.

You bring whatever it is you’re trying to do or change, and the How to Begin Course brings the way to make that more actionable and enjoyable, and more likely to be what you actually want and to stick. 

Here’s what you get lifetime access to in this self-paced course:

  • A series of bite-sized videos in which you are coached step-by-step through the How to Begin process (captioned and summarized, with downloadable transcripts and worksheets
  • 8 demo videos of people being coached through the How to Begin process
  • Student-requested bonus trainings to support your work, that include:

    1. How to manage overwhelm

    2. How to manage self-doubt
    3. How to ask for help
  • A community of learners to engage with in the comments and Team MBS support 
One-time payment of $97 USD

Learner feedback

The tools in How to Begin shifted my approach to myself, to learning, and to change, in ways that benefit whatever project I’m working on.


The How to Begin course makes taking on a new project an objective, step-by-step process that anyone can do.


I loved the process found in the How to Begin course and I did each component. The more I moved through the course, the more excited I got about the clarity that came to me.


Michael's approach is extremely encouraging. I felt guided, supported, and cheered on the entire time.


The How to Begin course is micro-learning at its best. I’ve gone back many times to listen to one bite-sized piece of learning when I needed a bit more clarity or support and have maintained my momentum!


The How to Begin course was like a test kitchen and laboratory to bring my ideas to life - it kept me from getting stuck in my head and provided the scaffolding for doing the work.


Michael's teaching encouraged me to believe in myself while challenging me to get specific and make sure I was pursuing something I truly wanted.