Episode Date December 14, 2021
Featured Guest Peter Bregman
Featured Book "The Invitation" by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Episode Summary

Peter Bregman reading from Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s The Invitation and Rumi’s The Guest House, and discussing proper empathy.

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When I was in Lisbon recently, I had one of those lovely moments of meeting a kindred spirit. It’s not the same as meeting someone who’s interesting or lovely, instead, there’s a recognition of ‘you and I, we are similarly weird and interesting.’ I gave Steven D’Souza my book, and he gave me his new book, Not Being. It’s a great book that tries to navigate similar big questions that I mull over. In one section, he wrote: “Now I find more truth in poetry than in prose; in nature than in classrooms. I’ve come to the point where I’m tired of the narrative of development, and exhausted by the imperative for self-improvement. I’m ending the search. I want to enjoy life on the other side of these personal development projects.

You don’t typically hear the first question I ask my guests; Who are you, what’s your story? Sometimes people plunge into that with gusto, sometimes there’s a bit of a nervous laugh – but Peter Bregman sat with this question longer than most of us, and revealed that he’s more than his résumé of being a coach, teacher, and author.

Peter reads two poems; ‘The Invitation’ by Oriah Mountain Dreamer [reading begins at 11:40], and ‘The Guest House’ by Rumi. [reading begins at 14:40]

Hear us discuss:

  • “I live my life in relation to emotion.” [16:51]
  • Continuing to be ambitious after achievements. [18:22]
  • You Can Change Other People: “We all are learning how to be honest without learning how to be helpful.” [20:46]
  • Acknowledging and responding to struggle: “If you can’t empathise, you will never be an ally.” [23:55]

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Peter Bregman | Website | Bregman Leadership Podcast | You Can Change Other People: The Four Steps to Help Your Colleagues, Employees―Even Family―Up Their Game | Leading With Emotional Courage: How to Have Hard Conversations, Create Accountability, And Inspire Action On Your Most Important Work

Oriah Mountain Dreamer | The Invitation

Jalaluddin Rumi | The Guest House

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Michael Bungay Stanier

Michael Bungay Stanier

I'm the author of five books that have collectively sold more than a million copies. I'm the founder of Box of Crayons, a learning and development company that helps organizations move from advice-driven to curiosity-led. I'm the host of the *2 Pages with MBS* podcast.

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