Episode Date December 19, 2023
Featured Guest Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe
Featured Book "Man’s Search for Meaning " by Viktor Frankl

Episode Summary

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe reading from Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning, and discussing everyday resiliency.

Today, we’re pulling one of our best episodes from the vaults, featuring the brilliant Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe.

What’s the language you go to when you think of resilience? Common answers include, ‘bouncing back,’ ‘bouncing forward,’ ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,’ or ‘a regathering of yourself.’ I truly believe that the words and metaphors we choose to use around resilience actually influence how accessible that resilience is, to us.

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe has spent two decades researching, teaching, and advocating for simple and powerful language around resilience, and the way she puts it is beautiful; resilience is being okay. 

Robyne reads two pages from ‘Man’s Search for Meaning,’ by Viktor Frankl. [reading begins at 20:35]

Hear us discuss:

  • “The weight of the world becomes heavy to carry with two hands.” [4:02]
  • Describing resilience: “Resiliency is a verb.” [6:44]
  • Unlearning what’s ‘normal.’ [24:49]
  • What to unlearn about resilience: “Stoicism is not resiliency.” [27:36]
  • Getting better at falling apart: “Mistakes are not characteristics.” [29:57]

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Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe | Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe book | Calm Within the Storm: A Pathway to Everyday Resiliency

Viktor Frankl | Man’s Search for Meaning

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