Episode Date December 12, 2023
Featured Guest Charlie Bresler
Featured Book "The Life You Can Save" by Peter Singer

Episode Summary

Charlie Bresler reading from Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save, and discussing how saving the lives of others can actually save your own.

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One of my favorite songs is Hole In The Bucket by Spearhead, the band fronted by Michael Franti. It’s the story of someone walking along and deciding whether or not to give to someone else asking for a dime, for a nickel, for a quarter. As we approach the holiday season, perhaps you’re wrestling with the same challenge as I am – what does it mean to be charitable? How altruistic are you willing to be? In this interview, there’s a twist on that; one that might change everything.

Charlie Bresler is the volunteer executive director of the nonprofit organization The Life You Can Save, and he’s truly been central to it becoming a force.

Charlie reads two pages from ‘The Life You Can Save’ by Peter Singer. [reading begins at 20:25]

Hear us discuss:

  • Keeping the connection to your values alive. [8:58]
  • The relationship between structural change and individual change. [15:11]
  • A combined view of humankind: “I look around the world and I despair, but I also look at human potential and I’m optimistic.” [27:13]
  • Overcoming your natural selfishness: “It is a missed opportunity to not see the incredible amount of pleasure you can get from saving lives and helping other people.” [28:21]
  • The challenges of running a nonprofit. [32:04]
  • Effective hedonism rather than effective altruism: “You don’t have to be an altruist.” [37:51]
  • The meaning of success. [40:38]

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Charlie Bresler | Website | LinkedIn | Email | The Life You Can Save

Peter Singer | The Life You Can Save: How to Do Your Part to End World Poverty

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Michael Bungay Stanier

Michael Bungay Stanier

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