Episode Date April 5, 2022
Featured Guest Steve Morrow
Featured Book "Conscious Business" by Fred Kofman

Episode Summary

Steve Morrow reading from Fred Kofman’s Conscious Business and discussing working towards living a better life, both professionally and personally.

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Of the little reality surrounding us that our brain takes in, we can control almost none, and  influence only an iota. At the same time, there’s a difference between actively engaging in our own lives, and when we’re opting out. In a strange way, I find the paradox liberating; I can control nothing, and I’m an active participant in my own life. The question is, how do we navigate that tension?

Steve Morrow is a friend of mine, and his role at Salesforce is focused on coaching and effective leadership. However, he didn’t start off in the human development world – in fact, he began in sales and marketing, and soon enough, began looking inside, rather than outside, at potential clients.

Steve reads two pages from ‘Conscious Business’ by Fred Kofman. [reading begins at 8:15]

Hear us discuss:

  • “One of life’s great challenges is living up to ourselves.” [10:31]
  • Having a healthy relationship with fear: “Leadership is countercultural.” [12:11]
  • Navigating the tension between corporate and individual values. [23:33]
  • Leaving behind old beliefs: “Your high standards should serve you, not rule you.” [26:35]

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Steve Morrow | LinkedIn

Fred Kofman | Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values

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Michael Bungay Stanier

Michael Bungay Stanier

I'm the author of five books that have collectively sold more than a million copies. I'm the founder of Box of Crayons, a learning and development company that helps organizations move from advice-driven to curiosity-led. I'm the host of the *2 Pages with MBS* podcast.

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