Michael Bungay-Stanier - Get Started!
Thrilling You have more to contribute and you’re ready to start working on something that matters to you.
Important You want to use your power for good. You want to give more to the world than you take.
Daunting You’re ready to challenge who you are today and grow into who you want to be. You want to shake things up even if you don’t know exactly where to start.

Build a life well-lived. One week at a time.
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Do work that’s



& Daunting

We unlock our greatness by working on hard things. I know the status quo would LOVE you to keep hiding your light, playing it safe, staying small.

But that’s a life half-lived. We all lose when that happens. And you can be a force for change in this world.

I’m doing this work too, and I’ve collected both scars and trophies along the way. Let me help you get started.

Michael Bungay-Stanier

Hi, I'm MBS...

I’m an author (more than a million books sold), a teacher, and a facilitator (more than 200,000 people taught). (There’s more of my story here.) I’m walking the same path as you, and I’ve found a plan that works.

3 Steps to Get Started

1. Gather Your Forces

Find new teachers and allies. Understand power. Connect to a community. Build your capacity. Nurture your confidence.

2. Be Audacious

Discover which rules to break and which ones to follow. Define the battles worth fighting. Be ambitious for yourself and for the world.

3. Make Things Better

Action > Fear. Take up the challenge. Start a project. Build something new. Dismantle something old. Change the way the world works.

I’ve made step #1 easy for you.
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Pick where you’d like to start.

(It doesn’t matter, just so long as you start somewhere.)

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