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Hi, I'm

Michael Bungay Stanier

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I’m an award-winning author, teacher, and speaker. My books have sold more than 1.5 million copies, and I’m best known for The Coaching Habit — Brené Brown called it “a classic”. I’ve taught hundreds of thousands of people around the world, in person and online, and I’m excited at the thought of working with you too.

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For leaders

How do you best manage humans? Strategies to stay human, stay curious, and make a greater impact.

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For coaches

How do you and your clients grow? Resources to be more-coach like and call forth greatness in your clients.

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For legacy builders

What’s your next big thing? Programs and community for when you’re at a crossroads and want to be brave.

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5 Powerful questions to deepen trust

In yourself. In the journey. In the world.

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Download a fifteen-minute audio lesson

to learn the five questions I use daily to focus my daily work and deepen the bigger game I’m trying to play.

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They’ll strengthen your resolve, help you see the world a little more clearly, build courage, and unlock your greatness.


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Hear how our work helps unlock greatness

Brene Brown avatar

Brené Brown, PhD

Author, Atlas of the Heart and Dare to Lead

My favorite thing about Michael’s work is his ability to deliver actionable, tactical strategies
that are based on well researched ideas and data, then packaged in a book that I can read on a flight. And, the wisdom is real - it sticks.

Gregory Thain Avatar

Gregor Thain

former Group Learning Director, BAE Systems

A unique ability to know the fears and obstacles that we put in our own way. His guidance, tools and stories is all about helping real people in real life.

Hubert Joly

Hubert Joly

Executive Chairman and former CEO, Best Buy

Leadership is not about giving the best advice, it is about unlocking the potential of the people around you. Thank you, Michael Bungay Stanier, for reminding us of that and for providing such concrete thoughts on how to do it.

User Avatar


I feel like I'm standing on the 10mtr diving board looking at the postage stamp pool below me. I know diving in will be thrilling and I know doing it is important to me, but it is so daunting. It will be easier to climb back down the stairs but then what will I have achieved? Committing in my mind is easy, taking that huge dive feels scary right now and somehow all the people cheering on the poolside aren't helping. Thank you MBS for the hand holding of this course.

Greg Dack Avatar

Greg Dack

Acting Deputy Director, SPMO&TO

Michael has a real gift for using simple powerful questions to invite you to dig a bit deeper, stay curious a bit longer, and really grapple with your thoughts, goals, and ambition. The approach is wonderfully adaptable, as you can choose to dig as little or as much as is needed for your particular goal. It’s been a powerful resource for me.

William Arruda

William Arruda

Author, Digital YOU: Real Personal Branding in the Virtual Age

MBS instills confidence and inspires action.

Jeremy Darroch Avatar

Jeremy Darroch

Group CEO, Sky

To get more from your people, you need to grow their capability and engagement, and step up yourself. A great way to do that is to give less advice and do more coaching.

User Avatar


I’m finally starting to work on something that I’ve wanted to do for a few years - and I wouldn’t have started without How to Begin LIVE. In this program, I pivoted my Worthy Goal, took the first steps towards achieving it, and along the way met such interesting people.

Loren I. Shuster

Loren I. Shuster

Chief People Officer, LEGO

Michael's practical guide to cultivating keystone conversations can unlock the full potential of an individual, and that of the wider team and organization. Build healthy and resilient relationships and you begin to build a healthy and resilient culture and a resilient and sustainable business.

Steve Morrow Avatar

Steve Morrow

Global Talent, Salesforce

Michael's session was short, sharp, engaging and effective. His high-energy, high-impact style was a great match, and his clear and compelling content was well received and easy to apply. Leaders have already applied learnings (at home and at work!) and we're looking forward to the ongoing focus and impact of more coach-like leaders.

Shelley Easton avatar

Shelley Easton

World Food Program

Michael – you were just brilliant and we received so much feedback on how much people enjoyed and engaged with your session. People have said how eager they are to use several of the techniques discussed in their daily approach. So, many take-aways there and lots of happy participants! You are a great model of how to best run an engaging virtual session – we had so much more interaction and engagement than we normally do.

User Avatar

Susan Reid

Your posts, videos and books are always fantastic. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your energy, ideas, insight ... and humour!!! Everything you produce is gold and such an asset in my work as an executive coach and leadership development facilitator!

Kim Scott Avatar

Kim Scott

Author, Radical Candor and Just Work

We cannot build relationships, we cannot collaborate, and we cannot succeed unless we can put our phones in our pockets, look a person in the eye, and have a real conversation. In an era of asynchronous communication too many people have forgotten how to talk to each other. Here is a practical, tactical guide to help you rebuild this most human of skills: conversation. Essential!

Jean Philippe Courtois

Jean-Philippe Courtois

President, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations EVP, Microsoft Corporation

Being a coach-like manager and being coached is a core part of our culture at Microsoft. It's how talented people thrive and grow. Michael Bungay Stanier has helped evolve how we think about coaching and how it can bring our growth mindset to life.

Jessica Amortegui

Head of Learning & Culture, Airtable

Michael Bungay Stainer delivers the goods. By giving us an equal dose of inspiration and action, he employs his unearthly wisdom to make our lives - and the world - better.

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attendee at ATD

where Michael averages a rating of 4.98/5

like Simon Sinek—but funny..

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5 Powerful questions to deepen trust

In yourself. In the journey. In the world.

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Download a fifteen-minute audio lesson

to learn the five questions I use daily to focus my daily work and deepen the bigger game I’m trying to play.

MBS Avatar
They’ll strengthen your resolve, help you see the world a little more clearly, build courage, and unlock your greatness.