Be part of The 108 Irregulars

And help me improve working relationships around the world

It’s every author’s hope to have a select group of brilliant people who help send the vibe, wave the flag, bang the drum, and/or light the fireworks … all to help get the word out about a book.

Perhaps that’s you.

The goal of How to Work with (Almost) Anyone is to improve 10 million working relationships.

Would you care to join us?

Wait, back up a minute

What’s with “The 108 Irregulars” thing?

I was determined that this fabulous team would have a name more exciting than “the street team” or “the ambassadors”.

It turned out that this was trickier than I thought it would be. But The 108 Irregulars is a portmanteau name.

First, I stole Sherlock Holmes’ name for his network of undercover street urchins who helped him solve his cases and know what was really going on in London. The Baker Street Irregulars were intelligence agents: smart, cunning, adaptable, and absolutely essential.

Then I added 108, my favourite number (It’s mathematically elegant (1×1) x (2×2) x (3×3); it appears in a number of spiritual practices; it’s the number of pressure points on the body; it’s behind why the sun and the moon appear to be the same size in our sky; it’s even the number of stitches on a baseball. It’s a cool number.)

We’ll probably have more than 108 people involved; but then again, Heinz always had more than 57 varieties. Henry J. Heinz just liked how 57 looked.

What does it take to join?

You need to do one thing, then one other thing.

First you need to buy two copies (or more) of the book before June 27th.

Second, you need to commit to doing (at least) one of these four things:

  • Post a review on Amazon or an equivalent before July 11th (two weeks after “pub date”)
  • Post a photo of you with your copy of the book on your social media channel of choice (with #bestpossiblerelationship) before July 11th
  • Promote the book in your newsletter, if you have one.
  • Enroll a friend or colleague of yours as one of The Irregular 108s.

It’s give and take (four fabulous things for you)

You’re doing me a great favour with your support. As my thank you, here’s what I’d like to offer you, if you’re willing to be part of it all.

1. You’ll read the book before anyone else
I’ll be able to give you immediate access to an e-version of the book. That means you’ll get to read it before anyone else (and of course, that helps you be ready for an online review, if that’s something you’re going to do.)

2. You’ll have a signed copy of the book (ish).
We tried, but it was impossible to coordinate me signing actual books for The 108 Irregulars. Instead, I’ll send you a signed bookplate, so you can add it to one of your books.

3. You’ll be invited to two live events with me
I’ll invite you to an exclusive 90-minute live webinar with me, where I’ll teach one of the key lessons from the book. My sessions are always fun, interactive, and practical. I charge organizations a hefty fee to run a workshop like this, and you’ll get it just for being part of The Irregular 108s.

4. You’ll get access to one of my best training courses
I’ll give you access to Future You Leadership, an online course talking about the three core elements of powerful individual leadership. I filmed this for The Advice Trap launch, but we’ve kept it in the vault since then. But for you, Irregular 108-er, we’ll unlock access.

We’ll help you spread the word

We’ll be offering you as much support as possible as the book rolls out.

We’re building a funky library of social media assets, language you can use for messaging, some tips on writing a review (including how to ask Chat GPT), and so on.

You’ll definitely have all you need to give me the level of support you want. We’re going to make this as easy for you as possible.