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MBS - How to Begin Course

Hi - it's MBS here.

Just before How to Begin was published, a friend wrote to me.

Chris said he thought that this book was my most important yet. That’s pretty nice to hear.

And then he said: “Those exercises … they’re a little … daunting, aren’t they?”

He had a point

It’s true. The exercises are all simple enough on a first read through, but the invitation and the opportunity to go deeper and explore the edges of yourself and your ambition is definitely there.

After all, this work is about unlocking your greatness — “we unlock our greatness by working on the hard things” — so yes, the exercises are going to provoke and challenge you (as well as inspire and encourage).

And you might not want to do that work alone.

Stop talking. You had me at hello.

Don’t travel alone

When I’m faced with exercises that hold my feet to the fire, I sometimes find myself wimping out.

I’ll read through the process, acknowledge that doing it would indeed be helpful, have some vague ideas on how I might answer the questions …

… and then scurry on to the next page, rather than digging into the real work.

I’m much more likely to make real progress if I have some sort of external process to help me more deeply engage in the teaching and keep me on the path.

I’m much better if I have a teacher and other students along for the ride with me.

You too?

MBS - How to Begin Course - How to Commit

A still from the “How to Commit” episode

Let me facilitate you through the How to Begin process

If you’re excited to go beyond the book and commit to the How to Begin process in a deeper way, I’ve designed an online course that will help.

Rather than you doing the exercises alone, you’ll have me taking you through each of them.

MBS - How to Begin Course - Build the Band

A still from the “Build the Band” episode

It’s a structured, powerful way to deeply engage in the work. It will give you the very best chance to craft a Worthy Goal: a goal thrilling, important and daunting, a goal that’s worthy of you giving it your attention … and your life. And it will give you the very best chance at actually getting moving on that Worthy Goal. When you take your first steps, you won’t do it alone.

Here’s what you get with the How to Begin course:

  • 37 short videos (each between two and six minutes long) – in total, just over three hours learning. The videos are captioned, and also come with lesson summaries and transcripts.
  • Downloadable worksheets to capture your learning and process.
  • A community of students to engage with and travel alongside.
  • Eight bonus demo sessions of real-life examples of people working through the How to Begin process with me. They include Michelle (starting a nonprofit), Fiona (beginning a new business), Jorge (writing a book), Ben (launching a big project at work) and Helen (returning to school to do a PhD) and others.
  • An invitation to apply to join The Conspiracy. This is our online membership site where people make real progress on their Worthy Goals. (You must take the How to Begin course before you can apply to become a member of The Conspiracy.)
  • More than you’d like to know about my dress sense.
  • And lifetime access to the learning.
MBS - How to Begin Course - Prizes & Punishments

A still from the “Prizes & Punishments” episode

Is this for you?

You’ll want to take the How to Begin program if:

  • You’re inspired by the book, but you haven’t yet engaged as deeply with the exercises.
  • You’d benefit from the structure of a course, rather than creating your own from the book.
  • You’re looking to connect with others who are figuring out their Worthy Goals.
  • You’re a coach, looking to deeply understand the process and use it for your own work with clients. (This isn’t a certification. That might come later.)
  • You find examples of other people’s Worthy Goals helpful.
  • You’ve got at least three hours to actually watch the videos and a few more to actually do the work. (Sometimes it’s helpful to find someone else to do the course with you … you know, just like I suggest in the “Don’t Travel Alone” chapter!)


Hear from some current members of The Conspiracy who tested this course with us:

How to Begin is an amazing course. I loved the structure it provides for taking on something big and bold. I used to think taking something on at that scale was purely based on individual passion and self-motivation. The How to Begin course makes taking on a big project an objective, step-by-step process that anyone can do. Whether you are clear about what you want to begin or are still figuring that out, this course will help you set out on your journey and make the journey joyful. It did for me. To get the best value, I highly encourage you to go all in :)”

Anil PrasadHyderabad, India

This course is excellent. Michael has a real gift for using simple powerful questions to invite you to dig a bit deeper, stay curious a bit longer, and really grapple with your thoughts, goals, and ambition. The approach is wonderfully adaptable, as you can choose to dig as little or as much as is needed for your particular goal. The individual lessons are broken up into short, easily digestible sessions, allowing you to use them between other things to change your mindset, spark curiosity, and work through what you are trying to achieve. It’s been a powerful resource for me.”

Greg DackOttawa, Canada

How to Begin is another winning program and book from the MBS team. I used it to bring into existence a new method for tracking and compiling research notes to better serve my clients; and, a framework for leadership teams I coach in their transformation work. The How to Begin course was like a test kitchen and laboratory to bring my ideas to life. The course kept me from getting stuck in my head and provided the scaffolding for doing the work. Have you been sitting on an idea that might be screaming to be given light and life? Have you lived with an emptiness that needs an idea to add value to your world? I had both, and I found safe, supportive, welcoming and generative tools and community in the How to Begin course.

Bob RosenSavannah, USA

When I first took this course, I was at a crossroads: I knew that I wanted my future to look different, but I wasn't sure what steps I should take. Michael's teaching encouraged me to believe in myself while challenging me to get specific and make sure I was pursuing something truly worthwhile. I'll be sharing his book and recommending this course to anyone I meet that's trying to start something. It's been a pivotal and foundational part of my own journey, and I look forward to introducing it to others.”

Jason Frank EwertNashville, USA

How to Begin is MBS' masterclass in "how to unlock your greatness by working on the hard stuff." This course helps answer the question, when you swing for your dreams, what drives you and what gets in your way? For me, it's provocative look at commitment has evoked a new level in my leadership and coaching. There is sweat, a pinch of vulnerability, and wise peers. How to Begin is a call to do work that gives more to the world than it takes. A challenge to dust off the false starts, roll up your sleeves in the face of the status quo, and be the best you. How to Begin offered me a series of aha moments and left me changed. I highly recommend it.”

Brenda AmmonMarco Island, USA