How lucky am I?

To have your support and encouragement

Getting a new book out in the world never gets easy.

You think “this is SO hard!”when you’re writing it. And then you remember yet again that the really hard work is getting people to notice and care enough to buy a copy.

What’s making it easier this time around is a shift in focus for me. The goal of selling books isn’t the point. The point is to improve 10 million working relationships.

You’re helping me help 10 million working relationships. Thank you

So much of our happiness and success depends on whether our working relationships are safe, vital, and repairable. Rather than crossing fingers and hoping for the best, this book gives you some essential tools to shape the Best Possible Relationships.

I’m thrilled, honored, delighted, and touched that you’re helping me spread the message.

You’re awesome and you’re doing great!

About the book

RELEASE DAY: Tuesday, June 27, 2023

BOOK HASHTAG: #BestPossibleRelationship

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Your support is truly wind in my sails.

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Share what your own experience as a manager and a leader tells you about what’s offered in the book, and what might be different now you’ve read it.
Talk about one of the book’s key ideas or tools: the importance to happiness and success of our working relationships; that we’re striving not for the best relationship, but the Best Possible Relationship; one or more of the three qualities of a BPR: safe, vital, and repairable; the power of talking about how we work together as well as what we’re working on.
Share your own story of a fantastic or difficult working relationship, the impact it had on you, and what it’s taught you going forward.
Dig into one of the tools in the book: The Keystone Conversation; one or more of five questions that make up the Keystone Conversation; any one of the fifteen “know thyself” exercises.
Share what resonates with you about my work.

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What if the person who’s written the most practical and best-selling book on coaching for managers and leaders turned their attention to the health of working relationships? Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book *How to Work with (Almost) Anyone* is a practical guide for anyone who wants to stop hoping that their working relationships will be good and wants to start doing something about it. If you work with other human beings, then this book will help. Grab a copy today!
Step-by-step instructions for building the best possible relationships at work. I’m not longer chasing some vague goal of “playing nice together”. I’m tired of leaving my success and happiness to the hope that this somehow happens. Now I’m actively creating relationships that are safe, vital, and repairable. Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book *How to Work with (Almost) Anyone* is the practical guide on how to start.
Everyone hopes for working relationships that work. But almost no-one knows how to make that happen. We cross our fingers 🤞, hope for the best, and plunge into the work. But sooner or later, something goes wrong. It might be a small ding or it might be a big blow-up. But it goes off the rails 🤯. But that doesn’t have to spell disaster. Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book *How to Work with (Almost) Anyone* is a practical guide to making any working relationship not only safe, not only vital .. but repairable. If you’ve ever had a working relationship that’s got broken and wondered what to do, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book today.
I’ve stopped wishing that every working relationship is fantastic. I know that’s just a fantasy. But having read Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book *How to Work with (Almost) Anyone*, I’ve got a new intention of building the best possible relationship with the key people I work with. I can make the bad ones workable, the good ones better, and keep the great ones excellent for longer. The book gives a step-by-step guide — what to say, what to do — when you have a conversation about how to work together (rather than the usual thing of just ignoring it, hoping for the best, and getting on with the work). If you’ve got working relationships you wish were better, then get yourself a copy of this book.
If Brené Brown says “the wisdom is real!” I’m inclined to believe her 🙂. If Amy Edmondson “it’s a practical guide” then I’m intrigued. Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book *How to Work with (Almost) Anyone* is a the practical guide to building psychological safety with your key people, and working relationships that are safe, vital, and repairable. It’s a fast, practical read and you should snag your copy now.
The worst working relationship I ever had? [Dig into your own story]. The impact it had on me was [share what you’re willing]. And the book I wish I’d read? Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book *How to Work with (Almost) Anyone*. It’s a hands-on guide to making your key working relationships safe, vital, and repairable. It might not have been able to have saved my particular mess. But it would have helped me navigate through the mess, helped me manage my own sense of self, and helped me not throw more fuel on the fire. If you’ve ever struggled with a working relationship that’s dragged you down, I’d order a copy of this helpful book.
This book is three parts management, two parts coaching, one part relationship therapy, and ALL practical. If you work with other human beings, this is the book you need to get you to the next level of leadership, management, and collaboration.
It’s not just my team I need to have better working relationships with. It’s with my boss and with her boss too. It’s with my colleagues who I’m collaborating with. It’s with some key clients. And it’s with some essential vendors. I’m realizing my happiness and my success depends on my ability to build relationships that are safe, vital, and repairable. That’s why I’ve been using Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book *How to Work with (Almost) Anyone* as a practical guide to get started. One conversation and five questions, and I’m taking big steps forward. If you’ve got some key working relationships you’re fretting about, don’t waste a minute and pick up a copy of this book.

Deftly written, visually pleasing, always clever, Michael Bungay Stanier's genius for making the complex simple is on full display.

Whitney JohnsonTop #10 Management Thinker globally, WSJ bestselling author, Smart Growth

A practical, powerful and emotionally brilliant framework that will help you work with (almost) anyone.

Carey NieuwhofBestselling author of At Your Best

This fantastic book is a blueprint for everyone seeking to build more successful and more enjoyable working relationships.

Erica DhawanBestselling author of Digital Body Language

The health of your working relationships is the key to opportunities, adventures, and growth. This practical book gives you a tool to build the best possible relationships.

Jordan HarbingerHost, Jordan Harbinger Show

The book feels like a conversation with a wise, kind mentor who believes in you. Part manual, part invitation to wonder, I'd love us all to read this book and put its principles into action.

Kathryn MannixAuthor of The End in Mind and Listen

This practical and wise book helps you build more high quality relationships in your daily life, helping you to unlock your greatest potential.

Scott Barry KaufmanHost, Psychology Podcast

One last thing

I wrote The Coaching Habit to unweird coaching, help regular people be more coach-like, and make work more human.

How to Work with (Almost) Anyone continues that commitment. Imagine if every working relationship was the best possible version of itself, and felt safe, vital, and repairable.

I think great things will happen, and you’re helping with that.

I’m truly grateful to walk with you and have your support.

You’re awesome and you’re doing great,

Q&A | June 6, 2023